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Save petroleum essay in english.


These are comparatively cleaner when it comes to handling. Therefore, any energy conservation programme in transport sector is bound to strengthen our sample essay apa format. Hence, to make our planet a better place to live, we must restrict the use of fuel. Saving fuel for the scholarship personal statement is therefore an urgent necessity How to Save Fuel for Better Environment and Health Today we all are in a race to waste our natural resources just because of our negligence and ignorance.

Not only because we need to save these for our future generations but also because using too much of these is not good for the environment which ultimately impacts our health. Renewable fuels are mostly safer to use as the gases they emit are not as harmful as those emitted by most non-renewable fuels.

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Here is how we can contribute our bit towards saving fuel for future generations: Even though most of these are available in abundance currently and many among these are renewable fuels however if we continue to use these at this pace these may deplete pretty soon.

You can also save fuel in the kitchen by cooking efficiently.

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  • Conservation of Petroleum Products in India
  • While some of these fuels are freely available in nature such as the natural gases other are derived from different substances.

Avoid using too much of clutch and unnecessarily as this would lead to the extra consumption of fuel. Image Courtesy: While some of these fuels are freely available in nature such as the natural gases other are derived from different substances. Here is a brief look at these categories: Most of the non-renewable fuels are fossil fuels the main element in which is carbon.

These are used as internal combustion fuels. Conclusion Whether you are making use of renewable fuels or non-renewable fuels, you must be cautious about the amount you use.

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The need for conservation of petroleum products has been increasingly felt during the last few years. Bio fuels are mainly produced to replace fossil fuels such as diesel, coal and gasoline.

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These fuels are generated by save petroleum essay in english changes that take place naturally in the dead remains of animals and plants over the centuries. But as we all know fuel is not man made and it occurs only naturally so its judicious use is much more needed not for today but for future generation too.

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While it exports the ones that are abundantly available here, it imports the ones that are not sufficient for use. The efforts made by this association have made it possible to achieve quantifiable savings of about Rs. It takes numerous years to generate these fuels and once used these get finished.

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Conclusion While some of the fuels are renewable others are non-renewable yet others take hundreds of years to renew. Some of the examples of liquid fuels include gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gases. It takes a lot of time, energy and investment to produce these fuels.

Most countries have to import fuel to meet their needs. Renewable Fuels Renewable energy is the energy that can regenerate on its own following the natural course. In agriculture sector, the main petroleum products consumed are high speed diesel and light diesel oil. In a way it was a good thing because there was less pollution and traffic jams.

Similar steps can be taken by other industries for saving oil and other sources of energy.

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Major producers of fossil fuels around the world include China, Saudi Arabia, U. Also since they take centuries to generate and are almost non-renewable they are fast depleting. The answer is to develop alternative and renewable sources.

As regards ceda business plan form pdf of petroleum for production of fertilizers, new plan s based on liquid oil products should be discouraged and these should be based on use of natural short essay on life without tea wikianswers or coal as feed-stocks of which the country has plentiful resources.

What are Bio Fuels?

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  • India is fast becoming a big producer, consumer and importer of petroleum products.
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Fossil fuels take millions of years to form. In addition to this, the amount of pollution they generate is enormous.

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This energy is used as it is or is further converted to mechanical energy and is put to use in different ways. The time would not be far when we may run out of these. Here is a look at the most commonly used fuels among these: Conservation of Petroleum Products in India Article shared by: These are coal which is a dissertation using document analysis fossil fuel, oil which is liquid fossil fuel and natural gas which is gaseous fossil essay my ideal person.