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African indigenous knowledge system. The value of art. A sociological and philosophical foundations of Education. Philosophy in the formulation of Educational policy: It does not only connect the societal ideology with the goals and objectives adoptable in education, it goes further to intermittently critique ideologies to ensure that such ideologies are worthwhile and fitting for society development.

Curriculum is based on philosophy because of the inspiration it draws from philosophy.

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Therefore, remedial steps are to be taken to redress the inconsistencies and contradictions that hinder smooth and rapid national development. Logic is indispensable for human development. The national philosophy of education has contributed reasonably to national development since its inception in The blue-print encapsulates the guideline, aims, need and aspirations of a given society which contains the philosophy from which the educational guidelines were derived.

Babarinde, K. Philosophy for pursuit of wisdom: Akinpelu, J. Philosophy of education as a means of good life: Philosophy and Human Existence, University of Uyo. Donald, A. It concerns with what is, why, is, as well as man's place in the universe of things.

Philosophy of education is at the very centre of the whole educational enterprise.

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Hence, there are some inconsistencies, contradictions and controversies over some of this ideas. Remember, it is one man, one job! This examined philosophy of education as a tool in the development of the nation from the perspective of man's capacity to think more critically and reflectively.

  • The relevance of educational philosophy in the formulation of educational policy is that it enables the policy to capture scio-political ideology of the particular society the policy is designed for.
  • It includes gradual removal of; poverty, unemployment, social inequalities, bad leadership, monopolization of opinion by the government, and of the negative practices which unfortunately have become the major characteristics of human society.
  • Justice, equality and human development.

The findings of these different areas of sciences are co-ordinated by philosophy, while philosophy of education interprets such findings as they bear on 4 education. As a result, national development did not progress as envisaged and enshrined in the Term paper on gst 112 Policy of Education.


Hello Friend. Hence, an evaluation of its impact positive or negative on the development of the nation is necessary. Discuss the relationship between metaphysics and physics. It provides man with an insight on how certain philosophers of various date and time approached the problems of life from 5 generation to generation. Philosophy in the Learner-Teacher Educational practice: New York.

Philosophy of education trains one to think more critically and reflectively, and with that, bodley head essay competition can clear away such confusions which personal interests and prejudiced emotions may generate.

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From Socrates to Sartre: Political education and Democratic sustenance in Nigeria. An introduction to History of Education.

Uniuyo gst 211 term paper

Such educative method will lead to the knowledge of different areas of sciences for the development of the society. For Okoh This view presents development as being both qualitative and quantitative.

Okoh, J. Development of man's thinking capacity: O, Akpe, L. Seeing curriculum as an interaction between teachers and pupils or as school subject e.

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And the development of the human resources cannot be devoid of education in all science essay quotes ramifications. The continuous pursuit and seeking for knowledge and understanding have been the core practice of philosophy indeed, the essence of knowledge pursuit and understanding, must have informed Pythagoras BC to distinguish three kinds of lives or divisions of people, as Lavine articulated in his philosophic quest.

Which is coined from two Greek words; philo Love and Sophia wisdom. Hire any of our writers now for a complete work from Abstract to References OR purchase an already made work from us at very affordable rates. Philosophy has a humbling effect on those who pursue it.

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  3. Philosophic wisdom is an intellectual engagement which enables a man, to a large extent assess his ideals as well as his life aspiration.
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Thus, philosophy of education by using the tool of critical analysis, provides a foundation for the development of man and his society. According to Ezewu et al,"Three statements of belief about the role education emerged.

We are a team of experts at research, book review, term papers and assignment materials writing term paper on gst 112 in the school. We do not reproduce works nor resale already sold materials. It develops an open questioning attitude in the learner and the nation in general.


By attempting to think of the universe as it is, rather than simply as how it affects anyone. Clearly identify some of the salient economic and social problems that affect the development of science and technology in Nigeria.

Port Harcourt: Please do not copy it as it might have already been copied by another student. Babarinde and Farayola highlighted that, development involves increase in the quality and quantity of life of people.

Nigeria Journal of Educational Philosophy, 1, 1 - 5.

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Oroka, O. Also, as you can see diabetes mellitus type 2 case study nursing, our materials are never lifted, we write every piece from scratch. Lavine, T.