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We will also help you with statistical analysis or give feedback on parts of the thesis that you are struggling with. Analysis of existing theories regarding an Information Science issue.

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Specific arrangements can be done by the supervisor. The most common research formats are: Supervision is available for all sections of your thesis.

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If the master thesis does not meet the requirements sufficiently, the student is offered a one-time opportunity to improve the thesis according to the feedback given during the thesis defence. July and August should be taken into account as a longer period because of the holidays.

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Both examiners determine if the thesis is good enough to be publicly defended. HCM The student has to present in a public setting the current status of the thesis project. After the presentation feedback will be provided for the last time to prepare for the final version and if necessary the remedial version.

You will also submit a provisional research plan and receive feedback on the plan from the supervisor.

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For BIS students: Once the decision is made, manifested in the Thesis Assessment Form, they return first the student about the outcome. Because of the interdisciplinary character of the Information Science programme, the type of master theses varies. You will be able to complete research projects directly related to equity investing which may serve as your thesis to complete your study.

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For the assessment of master theses a fixed period of 20 working days exists in accordance with the Student Charter of the University of Amsterdam. Empirical research, as used imperial college business school personal statement social and economic science. Based on the consent of the student they then either inform the audience about the grade or they simply state if the student succeeded or failed.

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Mid-May or June Duration: A tutorial on oral skills will prepare you for your presentation. Then a Question and Answering session follows 20 minuteswhere first the audience is allowed to ask questions, then the second examiner, and finally the first examiner.

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The available positions are: The student can only gain the diploma once the thesis has been uploaded. As soon as possible, no later than May Duration: If the student believes that certain information used in the Master's thesis should remain confidential, he should make a request for suspension of the public at the Board of Examiners.

Thesis defence Within the programme, students must present and defend their thesis.

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Thesis report language, design, and volume The master thesis has to be written in English.