Write an essay on rain in my city Write an essay on a rainy day in city

Write an essay on rain in my city,

Conclusion It was one of the best days of my life. If the rain is heavier, many parents refrain from sending their kids to the school. We were grasping the drops of rain from the window and splashing at each other. It was in vain. On the whole a rainy day in the summer is generally full of joy. There is a very shallow stream near our house.

Write an essay on a rainy day in city

They enjoy going up and down on the swing. My ideal rainy day would be sitting by the window and watching rain, catching some droplets of rain and feeling the chilly breeze on my cheeks. A few hours pass and streams came rushing down the sloppy places. Everybody feels uncomfortable for some time.

There is so much and so beautifully written about the scenic beauty of nature. I prefer having my hot chocolate cookies dipped in milk, I just love it. It started raining and the bonus was that there was no teacher in the class. When dark clouds cover the sky, we begin to dance with joy.

Streets in the city are under water for hours after a shower.

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Day in English

Write an essay on rain in my city stalls and the temporary structures for the shops at the bus stop dripped. Very soon they find level ground on and on the water flows sweeping away dirt and filth. The weather outside was dark and gloomy. During the hot sunny summer days, people often tend to get angry and aggressive very quickly. How sweet case study classroom behavior its songs!

A dark cloud or a shower of rain is always welcome. The result is that the surplus water overflows into the streets converting our city into an island, for a time. At some places railway track is damaged when it rains heavily. Be it kids, adults or elderly people — everyone loves this day. People plan outings with their loved ones on such a day just because of the awesomeness it offers.

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It calms my heart and brings new and creative thoughts in my mind. As soon as I reach there, I remove my flip-flops and throw away my pink umbrella on the sand and run towards the sea. Write an essay on a rainy day in city Nirmala Agarwal Advertisements: In the countryside even altar the heaviest rains, the water is drained away into the tanks and low lands; the village homesteads are seldom waterlogged.

It impacts our lives in some way or the other. Monsoon is thus one of the most awaited times of the year in Delhi.

Rainy Day Essay

A heavy shower in Calcutta means discomfort and dislocation of normal routine. The first rainy day of the season is especially a day to rejoice for the farmers. Kids usually look forward to this change.

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The cuckoo sings its sweet songs from write an essay on rain in my city tree. Some are damaged under heavy rains. It is steadily raining. Everyone has his own way of rejoicing the rain. Within a few minutes anyone was drenched to the skin.

While some love walking in the rain, others love to drench and dance while yet others love the view sitting on their window sill. People are often seen in a bad mood and tend to get into arguments and fights easily.

Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Small kids are seen holding colourful umbrellas and wearing beautiful raincoats on rainy days. As pools of water are formed, our ducks start splashing about in them, quacking noisily. A Rainy Day is a perfect day to walk in the nature and be one with it. I live in a joint family. As soon as the rain ceases, boys come out in their numbers to play. The right amount of rain is what they yearn for each year.

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Everything in nature has fresh look after rain. Those inside the shops and buses were in no way better than those write an essay on rain in my city on the road who were getting wet in utter helplessness.

It was during the monsoon season, the month of July.

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Conclusion So my idea of rainy day is to spend my day with my family and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the classroom, I sat on a seat by the window still expecting it to rain. We visit our favourite restaurant during the rains and enjoy having crunchy onion and mirchi pakoras with mint chutney.


Rainy day for them means a day full of fun. It feels so refreshing after the sunny days to take cool natural shower in rain. To one who lives in the better type of houses, a shower of rain is often welcome. Holt earth science critical thinking answers in the class was happy and cheerful. Rains are blessings.

Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

I think the rain is better than the burning heat of the sun. I simply love rainy day. How the Weather Impacts Our Mood? Each time it rains, we go there to sail our paper boats and watch them being swept away. During the rain, we also love to sit and watch the puddles of water in our garden.

I often turn on soft music and relax on an armchair sipping my coffee. They begin to croak. Me write an essay on rain in my city some of my classmates tore some pages from our books and made paper boats. The soothing smell of rain and cooling showers of rain make us feel so fresh. I walk up to the river bank on a day like this.