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Words The graph shows the population change between and in three different counties in the U. If the charts deals with facts in the present as in our exampleuse the Simple Presentif the facts are the past, then use the Simple Past.

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For writing essay based on graph, on a bar graph that details the quantity of rainfall per month during a month period, read each bar and clearly indicate the method of measurement. Analyze the graph to see what information you can deduce from the results.

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Mind the title of it and do not forget to include the source. Interestingly, car thefts in Great Britain started at 18 per thousand, which far exceeded that of the other countries.

EssayBuilder - Graphs and Charts On average Cairo is the hottest African City 5.

Between and the number of farms remained 6 constant at about 6. These sub-topics should explain your hypothesis. US Farms and Workers, to similar relatively huge constant rapidly slowly biggest last fairly The graph shows changes in the number of farms and farm workers in the USA between and Overall, it can be seen that car thefts were far higher in Great Britain than in the other three counties throughout the whole time frame.

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In conclusion, the number of farms and workers in America plummeted over the year period. For example, how sales vary within one year.

I found that the merchandise was sorted and arranged according to the personality of the buyer. A large volume of customers visiting the Zara store daily is necessary or it to achieve its high turnover targets and sustain its business model economically.

In there were almost 14 million agricultural workers in the US. The average temperature in Mobasa remains relatively constant 8.

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It's important to organise your graph clearly, draw out the key trends and make comparisons. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

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Support your statements with evidence from the graph and your essay. In contrast, Sweden experienced an upward trend, starting the period at approximately 8, and finishing at just under Write the information you have interpreted from the graph in clear sentences and in list form, such as "In August, there were 12 inches of rainfall.

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The chart shows that there are only 2 pets in form 7CS and 3 in form 7VR. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. So we can say For a pie graph that displays information about student populations in inner city schools, the hypothesis might state, "85 percent of the student population receives free and reduced lunch because of poor economic conditions in the community.

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The graph shows the changes in food consumption by Chinese people between and The temperature in Cape Town remained stable during the first two months 4.